How To Hookup EFFICIENTLY So You Don’t Waste Time And $$$. Welcome To The Hookup Online Guide!

This is sad but tue. 90% of men that refuse to administer the hookup strategies we teach in this dating guide will fail with women. The remaining 10% will get lucky, if they use the right hookup site (that are NOT SCAMS, like most hookup sites out there). Men that know how to hookup with girls use a similar strategy to what our guide teaches. If you’re new to online hookups, we need to first debunk one common myth – women DO want to get easy hookups. Why? Because women love sex just as much as men do. Don’t ever believe any woman that tells you otherwise.

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Hookup Dating is Completely Different From Regular Online Dating

Perhaps you’ve signed up for a type relationship site in the past. Hookup sites are completely different. Women don’t look for the same type of men on hookup sites. They’re looking to have sex with a fantasy. They don’t particularly care about what you do for a living, what your future goals are, etc. They’re in it for the thrills, just like you are. Follow these rules, and you *WILL* find a hookup. Don’t, and you can keep sulking in your own misery. It’s up to you …

Your TOP priority: Avoiding hookup scams & working on REAL sites
The hookup dating industry is FULL of scams. Learn to spot and avoid fake sites quickly and learn the 5 surefire signs you’re talking to someone fake.
Writing a KILLER hookup dating profile that women can’t resist
The first thing women do after you’ve contacted them is go check out your profile. This section teaches you how to build a KILLER hookup profile that guarantees she’s reply back and start a real conversation.
Tired of waiting on women? Use multiple sites to create a large “opportunity list”
Advanced strategy: how to use multiple hookup sites to create a pipeline of women to take on dates.
Spotting fake profiles: How to weed out escorts, hookers and scammers QUICKLY
More scam advice: hookup sites attract scammers and escorts that will try to get you to pay to get laid. Avoid these common scams and learnt to spot fake profiles easily!
Spotting VULNERABLE women: The easiest path to getting laid
The 3 questions to ask her immediately to know if she’s an easy mark. Nuff said 🙂
Strong first emails: Learn what works and what doesn’t when you contact women
The top 3 emails we use to get women to click to our profile, and respond back. These got a 90% response rate. DON’T SKIP THIS ARTICLE!
Closing tactics: From date to your place on the first meeting
Pulling her back to your place is a matter of setting up the right environment and logistics. We use the tactics in this article to pull women on the first date.

The Sexual Hookup Fantasy Paradox

What types of fantasies are women looking for? Every woman is different. Some just want to find a man that is willing to take the time to please a woman. If you want to know how to get laid online, you need to have a “I’m not just a receiver” mentality (more on this in our guide to hookups). Every female has a different fantasy, fetish, or sex act they want to act out. You should chase the women that share your desires and that are looking for a man just like you.

When signing up for hookup sites, you need to have a different strategy than on a relationship dating site. Hooking up with girls is easy if you know what you’re doing. Don’t try to be the sweet, caring, hopelessly romantic type. Don’t try to be “Mr. Nice Guy”. Nice guys don’t get laid. We’re not suggesting you become a complete asshole. That’s not going to get you laid either. Just don’t try to be a boring, nice guy. We’ll cover this topic more in-depth throughout the guide.

We’ve Taken a Different Approach to Teaching You How to Hookup Online

Those lame, unhelpful cookie-cutter guides that you can find all over the web are a complete waste of time. Most of them are written by some idiot that’s never even signed up for a hookup site. We have not only signed up for many dating sites – we have actually met MANY attractive women and hooked up with them. We know how to get you from Point A (signing up for a hookup site) to Point B (having sex with hot women). Part of our approach is to teach you what to do, while also focusing on what NOT to do. That way you can avoid making the common mistakes that cost men any chance of ever getting laid.

The other part of our approach is to show you the hookup sites worth signing up for, and the ones that are complete scams. There are only 4 worthwhile hookup sites. The rest are total wastes of money. You’ll find nothing but fake profiles, Escorts, and even worse…very large women on those sites. What do we consider a reputable hookup site? A site where men have a legitimate shot of getting laid by attractive women. We understand it’s all on you to actually go out and get laid. The dating site can’t do all of the work for you. That is why we created this guide. Read it, learn the concepts, have sex. It’s really that simple.