Setting Up The Date & Closing The Deal

The good news is you have successfully convinced a woman you met online to go out on a date with you. The bad news is you still have work to do if you expect to get laid. Want some more good news? Convincing a woman to meet you is the hardest part. In fact, if you don’t get laid on the first date, it’s because you screwed up. Here’s the thing – the women you meet on hookup sites have already decided they’re going to sleep with you.

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Your job, on a first date, is to essentially remind her why she already likes you. You don’t have to try hard to convince her to sleep with you. She’s already decided she wants you. Be the person you portrayed yourself to be online. She wants to fuck THAT guy. If you show up acting like someone completely opposite of who you appeared to be online, you’re not getting laid. That’s how you screw things up. Other ways to screw-up include…

  • Picking a bad place to meet. A prime example is to take her out for dinner. Dinner is a long event that completely ruins the mood. Why not take her to see some lame ass Chick Flick after dinner while you’re at it?
  • Being a total douchebag. Yes, women do tend to go for the asshole types when they’re just out for sex. But if you’re a complete douche, she’s not going to sleep with you.
  • Getting too hammered. Sloppy drunks are not attractive. It’s okay to have a beer or 2, but don’t get drunk.

Where to Meet Up and How to Act

The best place to meet up is at a quiet, comfortable lounge/bar. Don’t go somewhere that is too crowded, smoky, loud, or lame. Pick a lounge where both of you will be comfortable and can hear each other talk. It’s hard to work your game on a girl in a loud, crowded bar. Meet her after dinner, but before the bar gets packed. Around 8:00 is when I usually meet a woman for a first date.

I’m often asked how to act on the first meeting. You don’t want to appear to be a total player. That actually turns most women off. But you do need to act confident and have a little swagger. Be smooth when you talk. Always look her directly in the eyes and smile. Don’t be afraid to put your arms around her. After a bit, move closer towards her while talking so your bodies are touching. Don’t put your hands down her pants in public, this will make her feel uncomfortable. Wait until you’ve got her into your bed, which brings me to my next point…

How to Transition from Lounge to Bedroom

When I meet up with a girl on a first date, I have a goal to have her back at my place (or wherever we’re going to fuck) within an hour. That includes driving time between the bar and my house. I don’t always meet my goal because there are often factors outside of my control. However, I try my darndest to move things quickly. I don’t want her to lose interest or become tired.

The tricky part is knowing when to ask her to come back to your place. Most women will give off obvious signals they are into you with body language. If she’s not rejecting your physical touch, that’s one of the best signs. If she touches your wrist while she speaks, that’s another good sign. The best sign, however, is if she’s smiling and looking you directly in the eyes. If she’s doing those things, she’s fantasizing about what you’re going to do to her later. So once you start noticing these clear signs, simply tell her that you’d like to go back to your place. Again, be confident. Confidence gets women into your bed.