Before You Start – Learning to Avoid Hookup Dating Scams

Going online to meet hot women to have sex with is a ton of fun. We don’t only enjoy the sex, we enjoy searching for women online, chatting with them, creating a profile, etc. The whole experience is enjoyable. Well, unless you’re on the wrong hookup site. There are dozens of hookup online dating scams. You need to be aware of these adult hookup scams and how to avoid them.

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The hookup dating site industry is a big-time money maker. Many of these hookup sites generate millions of dollars worth of revenue. Some of the sites have hundreds of thousands of male members. When you have that many horny men looking to get laid, it’s easy to take advantage of them. If you’re not careful, you WILL be taken advantage of. Women will trick you into thinking they’re real and then you’ll find out they’re either promoting other dating sites, attempt to scam you out of money, or they are Escorts. The signs of a hookup dating site scam are obvious once you know what to look for.

Clear Indications She’s Not As She Appears

There isn’t much more annoying than an adult hookup dating scam. There are “women” that appear way too good to be true. Obvious signs a person you’re chatting with online isn’t what they appear to be include…

  • She’s a perfect “10”. Oh, sure, there actually are SOME 10’s on hookup sites. But the majority of the attractive women fit into the 7-9 range. Having sex with a 7-9 sure as hell doesn’t suck, so don’t think that’s a bad thing. But if she looks WAY too good to be real, she probably isn’t.
  • She asks you for travel expense money. Never give money to anyone you haven’t met before. Some women that live in a different state fish for suckers. They act interested in you but claim they can’t afford to travel to meet you. What they’re really doing is taking your money and pocketing it instead of spending money to travel to your city.
  • Her profile mentions nothing related to her city. Most people will make some sort of reference to their city in their profile. It could be a reference to a local hot spot, restaurant, or park. If she’s very vague in her profile, it’s possible she’s not as she appears to be.
  • She’s way too interested in you. I’m not saying you’re not a real “catch”. But there are many Escorts out there. Their job is to get money from you. How do they do that? By acting overly interested in you. Everything you say is amazing to them. Also…
  • She only cares about what you have to say. Again, an Escort is in it to make money. She doesn’t want you to know much about her because it’s not about her. She wants you to talk about yourself while she acts interested. This is her way of convincing you to meet her. Women love to talk about themselves. A woman that isn’t rambling on about the things she likes to do is probably an Escort.

Escorts and other scam artists do a great job of convincing men they’re real women just out to get laid. Don’t fall victim to their scams like most men do. Trust me, if their attempts at scamming men weren’t working, they wouldn’t waste their time. But they do work, so they continue doing it. If you sign-up for one of the 5 dating sites we recommend, you won’t encounter any scams. If you sign-up for any other hookup online dating site, you are likely to encounter fake women.