Review Summary

Let’s start with the positive aspects of Okay, now let’s talk about the negatives! We say that only half kidding. There really aren’t any positives to discuss. We feel that we’re qualified enough to say that. After all, we spent 2 months on attempting to hookup with hot women. Unfortunately, that never happened.

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Before signing up, we actually read a few positive reviews from alleged members. That was a good sign. Either those reviews were fake (much like the profiles on this hookup site) or we just happened to read reviews written by the only 3 members on the site that got laid.

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AdultDateLink is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join AdultDateLink!

What’s Wrong With

Women on lack sex appeal. If you go through the member directory, you’re likely to get through 3 pages before coming across a hot woman that isn’t obviously a fake profile. The problem is the women that aren’t on the first page are almost always inactive members. That means if you attempt to contact an inactive member, you’re unlike to ever receive a response.

That’s one of the biggest problems we had on We just couldn’t get anyone to respond to our messages. We had less than a 15% response rate, which is just pitiful. And the ones that did respond were either flakes, hookers, or had 100 other men they were chatting with at the same time. That’s far too much competition for any guy to overcome. We prefer hookup sites where there are enough attractive women so we aren’t stuck competing with hundreds of other men for the few hotties that are on the site.
Our Analysis

We rank every site based on a number of factors. Based on those factors, we came to these conclusions…

  • Site Features Up To Par? No
  • Enough REAL Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get a Response From Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Set-up a Date With Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get Laid? No Conclusion

There is a lot of competition for members in the adult dating industry. Most of these sites refuse to improve in order to compete with the top sites. is one of those sites. This is not a user-friendly hookup site. The women are mediocre, and it’s very difficult to set up any dates. Should you decide to sign-up for, you better hope luck is on your side.