Hooking Up On AdultFriendFinder.com: A Summary Of Our AdultFriendFinder.com Review

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AFF.com is the oldest hookup site online, and still one of the best. AdultFriendFinder comes in at #2 in our review of hookup sites! If you've already tried our #1 pick, this is a good second alternative.

Chances are you’ve at least heard of AdultFriendFinder. You’ve probably even seen some of their ads. They’re all over the web, especially if you’re a porn addict (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). AdultFriendFinder is a well known, well established hookup site. They’ve been around since the beginning of the online hookup dating site days.

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Just because a site has been an existence for many years doesn’t mean it’s a good site. We reviewed plenty of established hookup sites that were complete scams. AdultFriendFinder, however, is NOT one of those scam sites. It’s the exact opposite. All the hype we heard about AdultFriendFinder appears to be legit.

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#2 Hookup Dating Site: AdultFriendFinder! We HIGHLY Recommend AdultFriendFinder!

After our 2-month membership on AdultFriendFinder was complete, we decided to extend the membership for another 3 months. There were too many women on this site we wanted to chat with but didn’t have the opportunity to in our initial 2 months. We’re still meeting women regularly on AdultFriendFinder. However, this review only covers our initial 2-month membership.

When you’ve completed reading this review, you’ll know the ins and outs of AdultFriendFinder. You’ll learn about why we love the site and how to attract and hookup with the hot women on this fantastic hookup site. So what makes AdultFriendFinder so special? Read through this comprehensive AdultFriendFinder review to find out…

Our Favorite AdultFriendFinder Tactic For Hooking Up Fast

Have you ever been told that online dating is a numbers game? It most definitely is a numbers game. That goes for any hookup site you sign-up for. But we believe it’s even more accurate on AdultFriendFinder. There are as many attractive women on this site as there are anywhere. You couldn’t even walk into a packed, ritzy club in Las Vegas and find more attractive women than you can on AdultFriendFinder.

Because this site attracts so many hotties, you’re going to have competition. That’s okay. Don’t be afraid of a little competition. Most of the guys you’re competing with are total douches anyway. They’re nasty perverts that can’t talk about anything other than sex, which turns women off.

Since most of the other men really aren’t catches, make sure you read through our free hookup dating guide to learn how to become a “catch”. The advice in that guide will help you stand out amongst the competition. Your profile and emails, if you follow our advice, will jump to the top of her list of guys she absolutely must get in contact with.

Since the competition is so high, even with our effective hookup strategies, we knew we were going to have to contact tons of women. That is exactly what we did. We still stuck to our goal of contacting 2 women per day. However, we weren’t contacting the same women multiple times like we did on some other sites. We were able to get by with contacting different women because there are so many attractive women on AdultFriendFinder.

We played the numbers game on this site to our advantage. It worked out perfectly. We suggest you contact darn near every attractive woman on AdultFriendFinder that you find interesting. Shoot them a creative, personalized email. If you do this consistently over the course of a couple of months, there’s no way you won’t have multiple options to hookup with.

The Women Of AdultFriendFinder
AdultFriendFinder: What To Expect On AdultFriendFinder

Not every hookup site is the same. Neither are the women on the site. We encountered far too many hookup sites with nothing but nasty women and/or hookers. Because AdultFriendFinder is such a large dating site and we noticed many attractive profiles, we figured there were probably fake profiles and possibly even Escorts/hookers on this site.

Sometimes you feel like an idiot when you make an assumption that turns out to be incorrect. This was one of those times. We did not encounter ANY Escorts/hookers and we don’t believe many (if any at all) of the profiles are fake because we received real responses to our emails. In fact, 79 of the 120 emails we sent out were responded to. Most of the emails were responded to in a short period of time. That’s a good sign you’re on a legitimate dating site.

As we have already mentioned, the ladies of AdultFriendFinder are top-notch. Sure, there are some nasty ones. But you’ll find that anywhere. And, hey, if you’re in a slump and just want to rub one off quickly (hit it and quit it!), one of those nasty ones might do you good. A vagina is a vagina, or something like that! Think of it as practice before the real thing.

What are women on AdultFriendFinder looking for? The same thing you are – SEX! They have unfulfilled sex lives and want a guy to do something about it. It’s up to you to convince them that you’re worthy enough to be that guy. The good news? It’s not very hard to convince them! We’re not saying women on AdultFriendFinder are easy. Well, we sort of are. But they’re less easy than on other sites. That’s actually a good thing, in our opinion. It just means you have to work a little harder to get down a woman’s pants on this site. There’s nothing wrong with that.

AdultFriendFinder.com Our Test Results: 2 Months On AdultFriendFinder

Each site we reviewed consisted of 2 months worth of creating and updating our profiles, contacting 120 women (on some sites, we had to contact multiple women in order to send 120 introductory emails), communicating via Instant Messenger, and attempting to set-up offline dates.

Our AdultFriendFinder efforts were no different. We mention this because you’ll notice that the success we had on AdultFriendFinder was only surpassed by XXXMatch.com. So we don’t want our readers to conclude that we put forth more effort on this site than others. That’s not the case. We used similar strategies for hooking up with women on each site that we reviewed. The difference between AdultFriendFinder and most of the others is the site is actually legitimate. There are real opportunities here to meet women.

The breakdown of our 2-month long experiment with this exceptional hookup site is as follows…

120 emails sent introducing ourselves
24 dates set-up
19 dates we showed up for
15 full closes (women we slept with)

Hookups with 15 different women between 5 guys in a 2-month period is pretty darn good. As you can tell, the women on AdultFriendFinder really are looking to get laid. And they’re receptive to our emails.

How To Game AdultFriendFinder: Tips & Tactics

We’ve already discussed how you should contact as many women as possible. You should, by now, understand that hookup dating is a numbers game (skill matters too, however). But we haven’t discussed specific strategies for contacting these many different women. So to help you learn the tactics that worked for us, here are 5 important tips (WRITE THEM DOWN…NOW!!) for positioning yourself to laid by a hottie on AdultFriendFinder

Personalize your email. Read through her profile, word for word. Get to know who she is as a person. In your email, make mention of at least 1 thing related to her profile so she knows you took the time to read it. This will make her feel special and not feel like she’s just another girl.
Stay away from the snobby girls. There are some girls on AdultFriendFinder that are clearly snobs. They’re a pain in the ass to chat with. You can easily tell from her profile if she’s a snob. If she mentions how she’s looking for a super hot guy and brags about how awesome and hot she is, stay the hell away from her!
Be aggressive. Attractive women on AdultFriendFinder have dozens of guys contacting them everyday. Contact her, and if she doesn’t send you response back within a day or so, send her another message letting her know you’re still interested in chatting.
Upload your best photo. Looks do matter for something on a site like this. That doesn’t mean you have to be the best looking guy, but you do need a profile picture that makes you look attractive. Otherwise, women won’t be contacting you.
Don’t be afraid to contact the hottest women on the site. Far too many guys that know they’re not the hottest stud on the planet are afraid of contacting hot women. They settle for average or mediocre women. You don’t have to do that. It’s not difficult to attract hot women on AdultFriendFinder. Just be the classy guy with an awesome personality, and you’re guaranteed to score with them.

Top 3 AdultFriendFinder Hookup Dating Features

Creative dating site features are essential for getting laid. Part of the reason the sites we failed to get laid on was due to a lack of quality dating site features. AdultFriendFinder does not lack in quality in any area. Their site features are unique, creative, and genuinely help men get laid. Though we could probably list a dozen features we enjoyed, here are our 3 favorites…

1. Advanced Search Feature – There are going to be women you’re not interested in. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid even seeing their profiles? On AdultFriendFinder – you can. Filter out women you’re not interested and only see profiles of those you’re likely to have a strong connection with. This will make your life much easier.
2. AdultFriendFinder Blog – On their home page, simply click on the “Blogs” tab. Before contacting any women on this site, read through some posts on there. You’ll learn some valuable information. They offer great tips for improving your AdultFriendFinder profile, how to attract women on their site, and much more. It’s a valuable asset to any guy that signs up for this hookup site.
3. Free Chat Rooms – Don’t care to sit around waiting for a woman to contact you? Then check out their free chat rooms after you sign-up. You just might meet a hottie in your area looking to get laid. Impress her with some stimulating conversation via Instant Message and, who knows, maybe you’ll set up an offline date later that night!

AdultFriendFinder.com Memberships – Which Plan To Use

For approximately $20, you can sign-up for the Silver Package and gain access to many important site features. Your profile will appear above Free member profiles in the search results. If you’re looking to bump your profile to the top of the list, spend another $10 per month on a Gold Package. You’ll appear before everyone in the search results and have full site capabilities.

Our Overall AdultFriendFinder Conclusion

Now that we’ve gone over tips for gaming AdultFriendFinder and information about the site, we want to conclude this review with a little story. The very first woman we met on AdultFriendFinder turned out to be a total lush. She was a drunk, wasn’t as attractive as her photo appeared to be, and had a horrible personality.

The reason we’re telling you this story is because you just might come across this type of woman. But we don’t want you to get discouraged. You can’t expect every woman you meet – whether it’s online or offline – to be perfect. Life doesn’t work out that way. So don’t let it bother you if the first girl you meet turns out to be a total dud. It happens.

Out of the 19 women we met in person, she was the only one we refused to sleep with. 18 out of 19 ain’t too shabby! Of those 18 women, we sealed the deal with 15 of them. Again, that ain’t too shabby! If you sign-up for AdultFriendFinder, we are confident you will experience similar success. So get off your lazy butt and get signed up…NOW! Hot women are waiting for you, so get on it! We’re just trying to guide your cock!