Review Summary is a free adult dating site for single men and women, along with swingers. Everyone on this site is just looking to get laid. Unfortunately, only a few of them are. Our experience on was very unpleasant. There are so many things we disliked about this adult site, and you can read about them in the following section…

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What’s Wrong With

The first thing we noticed after signing up was how perverted the other men were. We like to scope out the competition on each site to get an idea of what we’re up against. After looking at the competitor’s profiles, we figured getting laid wouldn’t be much of a challenge. And it shouldn’t have been…if only there were actually decent women that are active on the site. There aren’t very many. And that made it difficult to get laid.

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5 of us guys, in 5 different areas, attempted to score with women on None of us accomplished our goal. We had no opportunities to hookup with attractive women. That’s not surprising considering we were on a free site. Women will sign-up for these sites because they’re free just to see what’s out there, and never log back in. They are “tire kickers” that have no real intention of hooking up unless they find a guy right away. The site is free so they have nothing to lose by signing up.

Our Analysis

We rank every site based on a number of factors. Based on those factors, we came to these conclusions…

  • Site Features Up To Par? No
  • Enough REAL Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get a Response From Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Set-up a Date With Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get Laid? No Conclusion

Free dating sites are the biggest wastes of time you will ever have. It’s far too difficult to meet someone on these sites. There are too many members, too many women that aren’t active, and the site features are kind of lame. This just isn’t a good place to meet women even though it’s free. Why not spend a few bucks and sign-up for or another adult dating site that actually gives you a legitimate shot of getting laid (see our positive reviews section)?