Review Summary

So much to say about, so little space! We won’t even bother creating a “What’s Right With” section for this review. There is NOTHING right with this hookup site. We sent out 120 emails over a 2-month period on this site (between 5 guys in 5 different areas of the United States). Out of those 120 emails sent, we were unable to seal the deal with any women.

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We’re quite confident that only a VERY small percentage of men on actually hookup with decent looking women. We really aren’t a bunch of cocky bastards, but we know our game works. It’s worked many times online, but not on sites such as because they are scams. How do we know they’re scams? Read on

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AdultSingles is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join AdultSingles!

What’s Wrong With

As stated, is a scam. We consider any hookup site that doesn’t have REAL attractive women a scam. On, you will find quite a few cuties with hot bodies in most areas of the United States. Think you’re going to score with them? Not a chance. Well, some of them you could hookup with…for a price. If you’re down to pay $150 for sex, go right ahead. You’ll find many women offering up their bodies on as long as you don’t mind doing something illegal – paying for sex.

Are there any attractive women that aren’t hookers? Not really. In each town, you might find a few. And you’ll be competing against hundreds of other guys for those few girls. Unless you’re Brad Pitt, there’s no way you’re hooking up with any of the hotties on a site like this. And even if you are Brad Pitt why would you sign-up for a site like this? Any guy could do much better than, let alone Brad Pitt.

Our Analysis

We rank every site based on a number of factors. Based on those factors, we came to these conclusions…

  • Site Features Up To Par? No
  • Enough REAL Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get a Response From Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Set-up a Date With Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get Laid? No Conclusion

We’re done bashing We hated our 2 months spent on this site, but it’s in the past. Life goes on. We moved on to bigger and better sites such as,,, etc. You should check those sites out too.