Review Summary

So you’re thinking about signing up for, ey? Stop thinking about it! Take it from us – former members of – this site is a total scam. We’ll explain how it’s a scam in detail in this review. We’ll also go into a few other things we don’t like about Overall, this is definitely not a hookup site we are able to recommend to you. After spending 2 months reviewing this site, let’s just say it leaves a lot to be desired.

Hookup Site Scam Alert Image is an old-school site. It used to be a fun place to go and rate people’s photos. As the Internet dating scene has evolved, other sites have surpassed The owner’s of this hookup site have failed to keep up with the times. You’re better off just rating some photos instead of trying to hookup with anyone on

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HotOrNot is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join HotOrNot!

What’s Wrong With

When you first visit, you’ll notice a bunch of random member photos. If you’re interested in them, you’ll have the opportunity to contact them. We came across quite a few very hot women. So we initially thought we found a decent site. That was until we discovered those hot women are all either Escorts or fake profiles. That’s exactly why this site is a scam. Sure, you could probably hookup with a fat, ugly chick on But even that is quite the task. Those fat women actually have a ton of men contacting them. This is one of the only places nasty chicks get attention. Why do they get so much attention on Because the male members don’t have anyone else REAL to contact.

Our Analysis

We rank every site based on a number of factors. Based on those factors, we came to these conclusions…

  • Site Features Up To Par? No
  • Enough REAL Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get a Response From Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Set-up a Date With Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get Laid? No Conclusion

After spending 2 months attempting to meet women to have sex with on, we have come to the conclusion that this site just plain sucks. There’s nothing good about It’s an amateurish dating site with way too many Escorts and fake profiles. Don’t waste a dime on Sign-up for or some of the other hookup sites we recommend.