Hooking Up On SexSearch.com: A Summary Of Our SexSearch.com Review

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On July 11, 2012
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SexSearch comes in at #3 on our picks of the top hookup sites. It's a great site to use as a third option to increase your overall pipeline of women!

Sex Search is the perfect place to, well…search for sex. Prior to signing up, we spoke to a few guys that were long-time members of this site. We didn’t know much about Sex Search at this point. So we wanted to get an idea of what we were going to be getting ourselves into. They informed us that they love the site and are able to continually bang hot skanks. But you know how guys are – they like to brag about hooking up with hotties that they really didn’t hook up with. So we were a bit skeptical at first.

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Our skepticism immediately turned to excitement upon signing up. What an amazing hookup site this is! We now believe those guys that they were getting laid. We had a similar experience on Sex Search. There really are tons of hot ladies begging for the cock! You’ve got to experience Sex Search. But first, read through this review to learn about HOW we had such great success.

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#3 Hookup Dating Site: SexSearch! We HIGHLY Recommend SexSearch!

Our Favorite Sex Search Tactic For Hooking Up Fast

How did we pull so many hotties on Sex Search? We created a killer profile. In fact, our profile on Sex Search was more creative than any other hookup site we used. Having a great profile is more important on this hookup site than anywhere else. You absolutely must have an appealing profile if you expect women to contact you and respond to your emails.

We took a mature, yet sexy approach to our profiles. We didn’t mention our desire for a woman that swallows. That’s perverted and shows a lack of class. That’s not the mentality you should have on Sex Search. We promise you won’t get laid if you do. Respect women and they’ll give you the lovin’ that you’ve always dreamed about.

The Women Of Sex Search: What To Expect On Sex Search

The women we met were very down-to-earth. They weren’t stuck-up, snobby bitches that only go for guys with 6-pack abs and naturally boyish good looks. They seem very open minded and just want a man that knows how to please a woman. As far as how attractive they are, only XXXMatch.com has more attractive women from what we noticed.

Sex Search Our Test Results: 2 Months On Sex Search

Our Sex Search lasted 2 months. It was a pleasant 2 months. It was quite refreshing to spend some time on such a cool hookup site. After reviewing so many horrible sites, we were quite enthused with what we encountered on Sex Search. Here are the results we had…

The breakdown of our 2-month long experiment with this exceptional hookup site is as follows…

120 emails sent introducing ourselves
20 dates set-up
18 dates we showed up for
14 full closes (women we slept with)

How To Game Sex Search: Tips & Tactics

Like any dating site, there are specific strategies to use that give you an edge on that site. On Sex Search, we played the “cocky, arrogant” routine because women responded well to that. But we never crossed the line of good taste. We were classy arrogant bastards! You need to have a little swagger to you if you’re going to pull some tail on Sex Search. The women dig confident, arrogant guys. They probably won’t want a relationship with you, but that’s probably not what you’re looking for anyway.

Top 3 Sex Search Hookup Dating Features

We spent 2 months on this site and had as much fun as any other hookup site. Sure, most of that had to do with the women we met, but we also enjoyed some of the cool features Sex Search offered. Of those cool features, our 3 favorites are listed below…

1. Different Types of Relationships – Most hookup sites are geared towards those just looking for one-on-one sex (though we love that most). But sometimes it’s nice to step outside the box and get it on with a couple of women. Who doesn’t want a 3-some!? You can find virtually any type of relationship on Sex Search (well, except for a long-term relationship, but you’re probably not looking for that anyway).
2. AutoMatch – Take advantage of the AutoMatch feature immediately after signing up. You can search for members based on any number of characteristics and traits (i.e. age, body type, etc.). Once a new member signs up that meets your requirements, you will be notified.
3. How to Write a Profile Page – In our hookup guide, we gave you tons of profile creation tips. But you still might be looking for more specific tips for your Sex Search profile. Visit their How to Write a Profile Page and learn everything you need to know about creating a killer Sex Search member profile.

Sex Search Memberships – Which Plan To Use

We don’t think you should have to spend a fortune for a hookup dating site. Although pricing is only a minor factor in our site rankings, it does matter some. The average cost of a Sex Search membership is just $25. We suggest signing up for 3-6 months in advance because you’ll end up saving a ton of money if you choose to continue your membership beyond one-month. Every dating site offers big discounts for 3, 6, or 12 months worth of membership.

Our Overall Sex Search Conclusion

We have no complaints about Sex Search. The site was simple to use and navigate through. We were able to communicate with women soon after signing up. And we had very little trouble getting laid by attractive women. What more could we ask for in an online hookup dating site? So what are you waiting for? Get your ass signed up for Sex Search today and start banging hot babes just like we did. Maybe you’ll even hookup with more women than us!