Review Summary

Ready to sign-up for Don’t bother. We did and regret it. Our experience on was one of the worst experiences of our lives. We tried and tried to attract hot women on this site. But like most of the hookup sites, it’s virtually impossible unless you’re willing to settle for an obese woman or pay for sex. That’s right – Escorts stake out men on They create normal looking profiles and bait guys into thinking they’re just like them – out to find a friends with benefits relationship.

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What’s Wrong With

As we have already mentioned, we don’t like We’re not a bunch of haters. We’re simply a group of honest critics that gave – and many other hookup sites – a fair shot. If they didn’t meet our requirements, we didn’t give them a positive rating. falls short in virtually every area we critique. The site features are nothing to brag about, the women aren’t very attractive, there are far too many inactive profiles, the male to female ratio is ridiculously high, and we’ve already gone into the annoyance we had of running into Escorts.

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XXXBlackBook is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join XXXBlackBook!

Our Analysis

We rank every site based on a number of factors. Based on those factors, we came to these conclusions…

  • Site Features Up To Par? No
  • Enough REAL Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get a Response From Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Set-up a Date With Attractive Women? No
  • Easy to Get Laid? No<> Conclusion

There are worse things you can do with your time than signing up for Things such as stabbing yourself in the eye with a pencil, getting beaten with a stick, and playing Russian Roulette. All kidding aside, is the type of hookup site that will suck the life out of you. The experience is truly miserable.

Not only will you not enjoy your experience on – you won’t get laid. Even if you’re willing to settle for the fatties, you’ll still have a hard time meeting someone. There are too many inactive profiles on this sit