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On July 11, 2012
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OUR #1 PICK!!! We reviewed XXXMatch and were incredibly surprised with the results. We got more women off XXXMatch than all other sites tested. Two thumbs up!

Before reading this review, write down on a piece of paper a certain fantasy and type of woman you’d love to find. Whatever fantasy or female type you chose, we guarantee you will find it on XXX Match. There are so many different types of women, seeking so many different types of relationships, you’re bound to find the right woman for you.

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In all of our site reviews, we were required to send out 120 emails to women. In this review, you’ll learn about how many of those 120 women turned into offline dates, and also some tips and tactics for achieving similar amounts of success. We thoroughly enjoyed XXX Match and feel it is the best hookup site you will ever find.

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#1 Hookup Dating Site: XXXMatch! We HIGHLY Recommend XXXMatch!

Our Favorite XXX Match Tactic For Hooking Up Fast

Looking for an “edge” over the other guys on XXX Match? On this site, we’ve provided plenty of tips and strategies that work on any hookup site. But on XXX Match, there’s one tactic we used that helped us beat the competition. What was this strategy? We targeted a specific group of women – the recently divorced/broken-up ladies.

They were easy targets. And there appeared to be more of these types of women on XXX Match than any other sites. More than half of our hookups were divorced, separated, or had recently broken up with their loser boyfriend. These types of women need sex BADLY, so take advantage of their vulnerability.

The Women Of XXX Match: What To Expect On XXX Match

XXX Match is a bit different from other hookup sites. Yes, everyone is looking for sex. But not everyone is looking for the same type of relationship. Some want to get with a couple (male/female, female/female, male/male), while others just want one partner. So you can expect a wide range of relationship types and desired fetishes on XXX Match.

As for the women….they are HOT! And, unlike most hookup sites, they’re real and not hookers/escorts (is there really even a difference?). Yeah, you’ll find the occasional fatty like any other dating site. Hey, fat chicks need to get laid too! But overall, this site has a very attractive member base. On top of that, the women we hooked up with were great in bed. So they had a mix of beauty and bedroom skills. Just the way we like it!

XXX Match Our Test Results: 2 Months On XXX Match

We didn’t write this review to brag about how many women we hooked up with. We wrote it to give you an idea of the amount of sex YOU can have with hot women on XXX Match if you follow our advice.

The breakdown of our 2-month long experiment with this exceptional hookup site is as follows…

120 emails sent introducing ourselves
32 dates set-up
22 dates we showed up for
16 full closes (women we slept with)

XXX Match ranks 1st in terms of number of women we ended up having sex with.

How To Game XXX Match: Tips & Tactics

The biggest problem men have on this site is chasing the wrong women. You’re going to encounter women seeking all sorts of fetishes and types of relationships. But you should only go after those seeking the same things you are. So don’t chase a woman just because she’s hot. She might not be looking for the same things in a hookup as you are. Pick a certain niche, aggressively pursue the attractive women within that niche, and you’ll get laid easily.

Top 3 XXX Match Hookup Dating Features

There are many cool features that helped us get laid on XXX Match. But since we must narrow it down to 3 favorites, we decided on these…

1. Auto Match – You absolutely MUST use the Auto Match feature in order to weed out the women you’ll never have any chemistry with or won’t be interested in. When searching for women while using the Auto Match feature, enter in 2-3 characteristics (i.e. weight, age, interests, etc.) that you’re looking for in a woman. This will ensure that the only profiles you see are of those that have ALL of your desired traits.
2. Gold Membership – We don’t normally think of a membership level as a site feature, but we do on XXX Match. You really do need to sign-up for the Gold Membership plan (see below) because you’ll be at an advantage of Silver Members. Plus, you’ll have access to the Goldroom – the world’s largest hardcore porn site.
3. Meet In Person – Want to cut through all of the bullshit and get straight to meeting women? The Meet In Person option on XXX Match allows you to do that. You simply send an invitation to a woman to meet you offline. If she accepts, you’ve got a date set up.

XXX MatchMemberships – Which Plan To Use

Affordable membership fees and hot women – what more could you ask for. We suggest the Gold Membership as opposed to the Silver Membership because it gives you full access to the site. This will increase your chances of getting laid. For approximately $75, you will receive a 3-month membership. You can’t beat that!

Our Overall XXX Match Conclusion

We realize you have many options. There are more than 300 adult dating sites. Only one stands as King of the Hill. That site is XXX Match. There are more attractive women and a man’s chances of getting laid are better on this site than anywhere else. Although we think you should try out AdultFriendFinder.com, GetItOn.com, AshleyMadison.com, and/or SexSearch.com as well, your top option is XXX Match.